Masham Weekend for All Abilities

July 2011

We started the weekend with Pimms and lemonade underneath the club's gazebo. Then a BBQ with home made burgers and Black Sheep Ale.

The rain didn't put us off and we headed to Brimham Rocks on Saturday for some bouldering, nature trails and some foraging for wild fruits.

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Josh Bumbling in Borrowdale

July 2008

No harem when I arrived - just lots of rain, but Daniel and Lindsay let me dry off on their doormobile carpet while the humans did their usual talking rubbish on this stuff called alcohol.

The next day started wet as well and I was impressed the humans set out anyway - perhaps they've finally learnt that sticks and stones are a far better part of the walk than whatever this scenery thing is they go on about!

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Loitering in Langdale

May 2008

I knew we were going somewhere exciting when the tent came out and sure enough after over 2 hours in the car we were in a field with long tickly grass and Nigel sat looking very relaxed. I might have guessed there'd only be a 10 minute lapse before a pub featured but that was okay as I persuaded some young lads to throw a bit of plastic for hours. They even tried to speak doggy language by saying woof woof. Haven't a clue what they meant but wagged my tail encouragingly!!

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