Activity Reports

Masham Weekend for All Abilities


We started the weekend with Pimms and lemonade underneath the club's gazebo. Then a BBQ with home made burgers and Black Sheep Ale.

The rain didn't put us off and we headed to Brimham Rocks on Saturday for some bouldering, nature trails and some foraging for wild fruits.

Thanks to Janice we had lunch and a cup of tea in her lovely motorhome. We all want a "Rascal"!

Then back to Masham for coffee and cakes while we watched the steam rally procession around the market sqaure. The sun was shining by this time. Penny joined us at the campsite and we had a pint sitting in the sun.

We had a great meal at the Black Sheep Brewery and some more ale from the Brewery (it's a hard life!!!).

Sunday started with a cooked breakfast in the campsite cafe, then a trip to the crag at slipstones, it was still damp and not ideal for climbing. Jance did some soloing and I scrambled about the smaller rocks. We left just in time as the heavy rain came in.

Final stop was Bedale for more coffee and cakes.


Loitering in Langdale (May 08)

I knew we were going somewhere exciting when the tent came out and sure enough after over 2 hours in the car we were in a field with long tickly grass and Nigel sat looking very relaxed. I might have guessed there'd only be a 10 minute lapse before a pub featured but that was okay as I persuaded some young lads to throw a bit of plastic for hours.They even tried to speak doggy language by saying woof woof. Haven't a clue what they meant but wagged my tail encouragingly!!

Next morning dawned bright and not so early for some - especially Sue I gather - but there were plenty of stick throwers about so I was happy. Then back to the human obsession to walk uphill and then downhill and then uphill and then downhill ..... and on it goes!! They didn't even do the refreshing bit of swimming in Stickle tarn though my mistress excelled herself by needing a fairly public wee on top of Stickle Pike! While the humans were looking at a view ( I've never understood what that is) I went looking for a bog to roll on but it was all rather dry. I did find a couple of ticks to upset my owner with later! There was a confusing moment for me on Blea Rigg when there was talk of an emergency rabbit and everyone biting it's head of but even though I sniffed frantically I couldn't find it. Sue did have this strange chocolate thing that the humans ripped apart. Then they were seeing rabbits in rocks - humans are so eccentric sometimes. We walked the whole of Blea Rigg which even knacked me so glad for a sleep in another pub while the humans managed to cut a pie into 5 and feast on it. I could've shown them how to eat it in 2 bites but was too sleepy.
Later the humans sat round in blankets and 6 coats each having a shivering competition. I think some cheated by setting light to their barbecues and Maurice certainly cheated by putting paper on his and getting massive flames. Like everything else I had to show the humans how to do it properly and sat on my owners lap shivering pathetically and getting the winning vote of looking the most cold, in spite of Maria's best effort to look similarly pathetically cold.
Next day was bright again so off we set uphill again. The humans were determined it was Summer in shorts but changed their minds when the wind hit them. Of course dogs are sensible and always have their fur coats with them. Up to Crinkle crags today but I couldn't see any crinkles. Lots of feet to get under though and worry people across the craggy bits - I do enjoy a bit of mild panic from humans when they think they are going to trip over me! Half way along Daniel tried to use me as a kite where the wind was howling up a gully and he had me on a lead. I stopped going airborne by digging my claws in. Various other tactics from the humans were most amusing. My mistress crawled across the gap on hands and knees. Maria just ran manically across screeching 'isn't this fun'! Nigel took a short run until blown over, rested and then darted again. Keith crouched down cossack style while Steve in a moment of disbelief that the wind could be so strong raised his arms and was promptly blown flat! I was quite glad to retreat down the band and yes you've guessed it, have a sleep in the sunshine and wind free spot of yet another pub! After the humans had drunk that strange liquid whereby they degenerate into drivel we went back to the tents for another hours sleep and another pub - infact the weekend was just a pub crawl!!
The last day and fortunately my owner didn't fancy another wind blown day on the hill so I didn't have to admit to being tired and could look dead tough strutting my stuff on the campsite in the morning. We did do a circuit of lots of tarns and streams though which was nice and wet and many of them were lined with nice dry people sunbathing that I could cool down by shaking all over them!! And yet another pub in Elterwater where I could watch loads of kids playing with balls. I could safely pretend to look keen being tied up, but was really too tired to play.
I enjoyed the weekend and all the fuss off the humans.

Josh Bumbling in Borrowdale (20 July)

No harem when I arrived - just lots of rain, but Daniel and Lindsay let me dry off on their doormobile carpet while the humans did their usual talking rubbish on this stuff called alcohol.

The next day started wet as well and I was impressed the humans set out anyway - perhaps they've finally learnt that sticks and stones are a far better part of the walk than whatever this scenery thing is they go on about! It did clear though and I was torn when the group split into 2 near the top of dale head - do they not know it's my job to keep the flock together? In the end as my mistress has my food and my holiday maid Christine was there, I decided I'd look after the girlie group which also had Jenny. A shame as all the male stick throwers went the other way - I missed you Mark and Nigel!! Still it turned out well because as the weather improved we stopped to look at the view and sticks were thrown and even a scratty bit of heather. It never ceases to amaze me what you can persuade humans to throw. I learnt Italian off an old guy we met as well though my mistress was sceptical of this. A quick swim in the Lake and back for a barbecue and snooze in the group. I was a little nervous of Rob's pet lion - I prefer my Rosie, Poppy and Truffle!

Next day dawned leisurely and I was pleased that one of the main stick throwers, Nigel , came along the river with us. It got exciting at Seathwaite when a load of sheep were brought in off the Fell. I could almost imagine being a proper sheep dog until the rough farm dogs came down - I hid under the table and they didn't see me luckily!! A pesky little puppy followed us for a while and I dispute my mistresses idea that I was a pesky puppy once. I've always been mature and sensible!! It was another good weekend - I like this club!! Josh